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What is a Private Limited Company in India?

A private limited company in India is a distinct legal entity characterized by limited liability, where the shareholders' liability is restricted to the amount invested in the company. This business structure ensures a clear separation between personal and corporate assets. In a private limited company, ownership is divided into shares held by a limited number of shareholders. Unlike public companies, shares in a private limited company cannot be freely traded on the stock market, fostering a more controlled and closely-knit ownership environment.

Operational flexibility is a key feature, allowing for efficient decision-making processes. The company must have a board of directors responsible for strategic decisions and overall management. Financial information is typically more confidential than public companies, as private limited companies are not obligated to disclose detailed financial data to the public. This structure is popular among small to medium-sized enterprises seeking a balance between limited liability protection and operational autonomy.


Types of Private Limited Companies

Company Limited by Shares: This is the most common form of a private limited company. The liability of its members is limited to the amount unpaid on their shares. In the event of liquidation, shareholders are only liable for the nominal value of their shares.

Company Limited by Guarantee: Unlike a company limited by shares, this type does not have share capital. Instead, members provide a guarantee, specifying the amount they will contribute in the event of winding up. Such companies are often prevalent in non-profit and charitable organizations.

Unlimited Company: In this type, there is no limit on the liability of the members. Each member is personally responsible for the company's debts. While less common due to the increased risk for shareholders, it provides greater flexibility in financial matters.


Advantages of Private Limited Company Incorporation Credit Availability

Credit Availability

Credit Availability

Having a private limited company is more credible.

Perform Globally

Perform Globally

Simplicity in obtaining financial aid from a bank.

Credit Availability

Limited Liability

It protects owners from risks, losses, and liabilities.


Increased Value In Marketplace

Increases the number of consumers.


Perpetual Existence

Boost opportunities for massive growth and expansion.


Ease In Transfer Of Ownership

A stronger sense of security and monetary reinforcement.


Separate Legal Entity

independent of its owners and shareholders.

tax benifits

Tax Benefits

Boost opportunities for massive growth and expansion.


Access to Funding

It has better access to funding options compared to others.

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Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration

The following are the key documents required for private limited company registration in India:


PAN Card

PAN Card of shareholders and Directors. A valid passport is a must for foreign nationals.

Identity Proof

Identity Proof

Identity Proof of Shareholders and Directors, such as Aadhar card and Voter ID / Passport / Driving License.

Address Proof

Address Proof

Director’s Address Proof of Shareholders and Directors, such as the latest Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Bank Account Statement.


Passport size photograph

Another requirement is the Passport size photograph of Shareholders and Directors. Here, it is important to ensure that this is the latest.


Business Address Proofs

Business Address Proofs such as the latest Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill of the registered office address



NOC or No Objection Certificate to be obtained from the owner(s) of the registered office.

Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

The Rental Agreement must be provided if the company's registered office is in a rented office/commercial/other rented premises.


NRI, Documents

Foreign nationals or NRIs must apostille or notaries director documentation.

google map

Google Map Location

Google Map Location of Registered office of company.

Some of other Documents which Required for Pvt Ltd Company Registration.

  • Google Map Location of Registered office of company
  • Bank statements of both proposed Directors with address mentioned
    on it (latest & not older than 2 months)
  • Personal email and mobile number of both the proposed Directors